Config you Wordpress

Last updated 4 months ago

This section will go through the basic setting from the app to connect your Wordpress website

Step 1 - Install Wordpress library

The product is requisite to install the Wordpress site with support Dokan plugin, so any template that support Dokan will be work with the MStore Multi Vendor mobile app.

Once you have install the template, following free Wordpress plugins should be install (these also available from the download package):

  1. JSON API: A RESTful API for WordPress, require for the JSON API and API User (although the Wordpress already support the default Rest API but we need to install this plugin to support for registration feature)

  2. MStore Checkout: Extends the JSON API User for RESTful user registration, authentication and support all Payment Gateway

  3. Better Rest API Featured Image: for some reason the image is not populate correctly so that need to install this plugin to support to show the image.

  4. WPML to WP API: support multi language from WPML plugin (require WPML installed if you would like to use multi language feature from the app)

These plugins is also available from this package:

Step 2 - Customize your mobile app

Open src/common/config.js and follow the step 1 and 2 for basic config of your product.

  1. Change to your website URL and the wooCommerce API consumeKey

  2. Setting Product Images

If you config correctly your app will show the homepage and image that similar with on your website.