Quick Start

Last updated 3 months ago

This will help you setup the basic setting for the React native project by using Expo XDE tool, and run the app from fresh download package of the project

Step 1 - install required library

Install following requisite libraries

  1. NodeJS, link download

  2. iOS simulator (Mac OS): Install Xcode through the Apple App Store.

  3. Android simulator: Download Genymotion (free version) and follow the Genymotion installation guide.

Test your Example project

Open Expo XDE and select New Project then select Device to run the simulator

If there is any problem with the setting up, please refer to the core document form: https://docs.expo.io/ https://facebook.github.io/react-native/docs/getting-started.html https://docs.expo.io/versions/v28.0.0/introduction/xde-tour

Please make sure you can able to run the Example project and use the XDE tool to run the simulator before going to next step to set up the Mstore product.

Step 2 - run the MStore demo

Extract the download package and go top project mstore folder, run following script

npm install
// this could be replace by yarn install if you would like to use Yarn, instead of npm

If the installing successful then you can see the node_modules folder was created after finish the script

Then run the Expo XDE and select Open Project from the above mstore folder and run the project by clicking to the Device button. If you would like to run the Android OS, it should be opened and run from Genymotion before run the Expo XDE tool.

The default setting from the project is integrated to dokan.mstore.io this could be change from the common/config.js, please see the Customization section to know how to change it.